Sora, my budgie has started having runny droppings. Its a dark green color and watery. She's eating well though. I can feel her chest bone too, is that normal? Would be good to know the diet How long has it been runny? Has the food you've been feeding her changed recently? Her diet is just seed from the pet store. I have given her some apples before, but not recently. Her poo has only been runny for a day. I'd be thinking about taking her to a vet. We can't really diagnose her without seeing pictures of the poo or the budgie Budgies need a varied diet though, do a search for safe foods and try and give her a good mix of vegetables as well as a good quality seed.

If her keelbone feels sharp as well as the runny poop then she is losing weight and taking her for a well bird checkup at an avian vet would be a good idea.

Its the weightloss that concerns me. My dad doesn't want to take her to the vet because she doesn't 'look' sick. Too many people equate the initial cost of the bird to the cost of a vet visit.

If we applied those rules to humans there wouldnt be too many of us left. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor.There are many causes of diarrhea in parakeets, from a sensitivity to food to salmonella to psittacosis. Most digestive conditions experienced by parakeets can be treated at home, without costly trips to an exotic pet veterinarian and expensive medications.

As a matter of fact, there are several homemade and over the counter remedies available for the treatment of diarrhea in parakeets. If your parakeet is not exhibiting other symptoms of illness, such as loss of appetite, lethargy, feather pulling or ruffled feathers, it is probably suffering from a case of "upset stomach.

Keeping an eye on the sick bird to make sure it is still eating and drinking is a must. Another home remedy for treating diarrhea in parakeets is to feed the bird small amounts of plain yogurt. Yogurt has been proven to treat diarrhea caused by an imbalance of enzymes in the intestines. Yogurt contains probiotics and enzymes to help replace the ones lost through diarrhea and help to restore balance.

budgie poop watery

Bran can be fed in small amounts to a parakeet with diarrhea. Bran helps to bulk up the stool by absorbing the excess water in the intestine, slowing down the gut motility and restoring the normal balance in the bird.

Bran should be offered soft to entice the bird to eat it. If warm, make sure that the bran cereal doesn't burn the bird's delicate palate. Brown rice has much the same effect as bran and can be used to stop diarrhea in birds that refuse yogurt and bran. Brown rice should be soft cooked and cooled before being offered to the parakeet. Because parakeets are small, only a few grains should be offered at a time to prevent constipation. The best method of treatment for diarrhea in parakeets is prevention.

Don't change your parakeet's diet suddenly and use good judgment when deciding to feed it treats. Stay away from junk food and keep all food and water bowls clean and free of fecal matter. Do not introduce your bird to other birds that might be carrying infectious diseases that might cause diarrhea.

Home Learn Behavior. Share on Facebook. Considerations for Home Treatment. Home Remedies. Show Comments.Parrots - information for rescue and care. Outside of the blood work we do on each parrot we also do a poop test. This is very important as it shows us if the parrot is lacking from something or there is a problem that can be corrected with meds. In most cases we find a problem.

By the time any signs of illness are apparent, the bird may have been ill for some time. While there are definite signs of illness it can still sneak up on you.

Home Cure for Parakeet Diarrhea

Little things change over time that can be easily explained. Your bird may become grumpy, and you attribute it to hormones, moulting, or not enough sleep. If something about their behavioral is sending red flags, go with your instinct, and consult with your vet. Number, volume, color and consistency should be noted. Watch for any decrease in the total number or volume, change of color, increased water content, decrease in feces with increased urates or an increase in urine.

A more watery dropping may be attributed to consuming a high water content piece of fruit. But if droppings are consistently not right for 24 hours, you want to consider calling your Vet.

Wax paper works well with collecting the fecal matter. Line your cage the night before to catch the morning poop and the most recent as well.

Budgies loose motion and treatment 100% work

We did a search and came up with this article that we thought could help you further. Hopefully your bird is quite healthy right now and this is the perfect time to practice poop observation.

Use a plain print newspaper, white paper or wax paper on the floor of your birds cage so you can see the droppings clearly. If you normally use pine shavings, corn cob, pellets or any of those other fancy floor coverings you will find it very difficult to keep an eye on the droppings.

There are 3 parts to that blob and you much learn to tell them apart of this article is to be of any use to you. These are the crystalline section of the urine. This is the clear part and is like water.

budgie poop watery

It may be straight, coiled, of even broken up in to smaller yet still tube shaped pieces. Gotta do what you gotta do to keep your birdies healthy! Or you can just not get a bird… Yeah… They seem pretty darn nasty. Normally inconsistent or consistently abnormal?

The one thing to remember with droppings is they will normally be inconsistent when healthy. This is due to the fact that a healthy bird will be eating a rich and varied diet. When ill the droppings will be consistently abnormal. In times of stress the droppings will naturally be more watery. This is due mostly to the birds fight or flight instinctual response. When in a panic birds will expel any waste in their system prior to taking flight.

More Urine and Urates are produced than feces each day. If the stress is ongoing the majority of the droppings will have very little feces in them, if any at all. Lettuce and fruits are very high in water and are the most common cause for watery droppings. Even birds that enjoy bathing frequently may have watery droppings because as they are preening off the bath water they will ingest some of it.

The color of feces may change from time to time depending what your bird has eaten recently. Seeds and green veggies will naturally produce green feces while blueberries and blackberries produce black feces. If you feed your bird a pellet diet the feces will often be the same color as the pellet if they are colored or a rusty color if they are not colored.

If you think your birds feces looks wrong keep the diet simple back to seeds for a day and re-check.Harry is very sick, he is probably suffering from either a very severe respiratory infection or a fungal infection, you must take him to an avian vet specialist urgently in order to attempt to save Cat scratches may lead to serious infection if undetected or not treated promptly.

Monitor your bird for lethargy or loss of appetite for the next few days. If you see the bird sitting quietly with I recommend that you have your budgie examined by an exotic species veterinarian ASAP.

An overgrown beak can be the result of health problems including trauma, nutritional imbalances, or liver I would keep Angel from being able to access your door so he can't eat the paint. If he has eaten paint and is now very ill, seek veterinary care in person immediately. If Rio has been vomiting for a week straight, or you suspect she ate part of a foreign item, those are both very concerning signs.

I would seek veterinary care ASAP to rule out any issues such as a It can be normal for a bird to regurgitate food food or liquid from time to time so I would not be too overly concerned. Clear water without feces and urate could be a sign of diarrhea but it's more likely to be a sign that they are not eating. Withhold food for hours. Allow small amounts of water or unflavored PediaLyte.

Making sure Cookie is on a proper diet formulated for budgies is a good start, as poor nutrition can cause dry skin on the feet and legs. Some parasites such as mites may also cause scaling on the It sounds like he may be having a worsening of his kidney disease. It is best to get him back to the vet for a check up.

Kidney disease cannot be cured, only managed so it is very likely they are Your budgie is probably suffering from a severe gastrointestinal infection, ver possibly candida.

Bloody watery stools at this age should always be considered as an emergency, it's probably a severe viral or bacterial infection. Poor guy. He may have gotten into something that upset his stomach. The panting can be a sign of discomfort; however if it continues for more than an hour or two, then it's best to get him seen by Scratching can be caused by various reasons such as fleas, mites ,fungal infection, bacterial infection and allergies.Contact Tour.

Remember Me? What's New? Forum Bird Help Budgies Budgie has watery poop. Results 1 to 12 of Thread: Budgie has watery poop. Budgie has watery poop. Hi, my budgie Harley is about 7 weeks old. He has been doing really well up until yesterday when I gave him a treat of a Trill brand Honey stick which has honey, seeds, currant and apple. He loved it but by the end of the day I noticed his poop was changing, and today it is watery.

I took the honey stick out of his cage, and just left his normal budgie seed and filtered water. He is still eating and flying around, and playing with his toys. Not puffed up or looking slow and sick. I am assuming I introduced the honey stick to early for his age. Now should I just leave it and wait to see how he is by the end of the day? Or is there something else I should do? Many Thanks.

Re: Budgie has watery poop I would stick with the seed and not give him the honey sticks. Really birds should not have the sweet things but that's just my opinion. Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you. Re: Budgie has watery poop I agree with Deanna. It probably was the honey AND apple combination. Sugary foods should not be fed to birds.

I also try to eliminate salt from their diet, such as potato chips, popcorn, etc. Saldy, sometimes the retail stores sell these items and the companies that make them sell them of course. I would stick to organic and fresh foods. You can give Harley some fresh apple slices that have been washed in a little vinegar and water solution, to be sure the bacteria or germs would not be on the peelings, or you can peel the apple and feed it.

Also, fresh lettuce not head lettuce, it has too much water content and the droppings will be looseor cilantro. Also feed some small pieces of whole wheat bread.I have 2 budgies one of them seems normal the other one acts normal but i notice his poop is really watery, barly no green or black, it looks like a watery splat with a little bit of white in it.

I read thats not good, hes a white bird and the feathers under his bum are always yellow im assuming dirty from all the runny poop. The problem is i have NO money for the vet, things are really tight right now and i just took them from my cousin 2 days ago.

Is this normal? If not what can i do other then taking him to to the vet cuz that is hard right now. Keep them both away from drafts. If you notice that one or both birds is sitting low on the perch and a little puffed up they do this sometimes just for no reason but sitting puffed up all the time is not good they may be in a draft.

Birds catch cold really easy. Move their cage to a warmer area, like an interior room or near a window but NOT in direct sunlight. Cover the cage at night to help them maintain their temps. If your cousin was feeding them lettuce it can also cause loose stools. Maybe one liked it and the other didn't. Make sure they are eating a good seed mixture with some grit on the side. Stress can also cause digestive upset in any species. The stress of the move may have affected the little guy.

Just keep calm around them for a few weeks to let them get used to their new surroundings. If he starts to sleep too much, or you see no improvement in about 24 hours, just call the vet.

They may have some suggestions to make him comfortable until you are able to get him in. Personally, I only took one of my birds to the vet for a tumor on his wing and I ended up having him put to sleep - poor little guy. But I had birds years ago, and there really weren't any "bird vets" around where I lived at the time. I just bought a sun conure whose poop was the same way.

I started bringing him outside to get some sun and feeding him breads pastas, and cereals His poop isn't watery anymore. Try mixing up their diet and give them sun.

Give him millet, cover the cage, and dim the lights. Let him get used to his surroundings, in the dim light. Put millet everywhere! Near the highest perch, the lowest, and everywhere in between.

He'll eat eventually, its been a long, rough day for him. If he doesn't eat within the next day, take him back to the store, he'll eat there where he feels comfortable. Steatorrhoea is the formation of bulky feces. Stools may have an oily appearance or be foul smelling. There is increased fat excretion. Primary sclerosing cholangitis: Primary sclerosing cholangitis PSC is a form of cholangitis due to an autoimmune reaction.

A cholangitis is an inflammation of the bile ducts of the liver. Primary sclerosing cholangitis leads to cholestasis blockage of bile transport to the gut. Blockage of the bile duct leads to accumulation of bile, which damages the liver, leading to jaundice and eventually causes liver failure.

Stop feeding them fruits and vegetable and start feeding seeds.A sick budgie should always be taken to a vet. Separate him from your other budgies to avoid the disease spreading, and clean out the main cage, using a pet-safe disinfectant, or a mixture of one part vinegar to two parts water.

My female budgie is drooping wet green poo what can I use to get rid-off this, can you advice me urgently. My budgie is showing signs of illness. Lea I g forward, puffed feathersthumping tail and dirty vent Vet is closed Kuki maybe try getting him a friend.

Birds can be very social creatures. He is prob just board lol. Avantika, sounds like your pal is having trouble swallowing her food.

Make sure she has plenty of water and try giving her food that's smaller. Also check her poop for any sign of infection. Hope that helps. Kelli, I believe it's just stress as your new bird is getting use to its new home. Maybe give it some time and leave it be for the next week but monitor closely if conditions worsen.

budgie poop watery

Just to let you know, Omlet is running as usual. Please see here for more information. Budgie Disease Symptoms The following signs indicate illness of some kind. An increase in lethargy. Unless asleep, not even the most timid of budgies will spend a long time silent and motionless.

The first signs of lethargy might be when he shows a lack of interest in the things that usually stimulate him — you, new food, his mate, etc. Sleeping during the day. This could be due to external disturbances during the night.

Diarrhea in budgies: some causes of wet poop

But if you can rule that out, the sleepiness will be a symptom of illness. One possibility is an infestation of feather mites, keeping him awake all night with their blood-sucking attentions. Fluffed up feathers. This means the bird is too cold, and indicates one of two things — either the cage or aviary is a bit chilly, or the budgie is unwell.

A cold budgie may shiver too. All fluffed up - it could be a sign of illness. Prev Next. Serdar, 11 April My female budgie is drooping wet green poo what can I use to get rid-off this, can you advice me urgently. Cindy, 4 April My budgie is showing signs of illness. Matt, 27 March Kuki maybe try getting him a friend. Matt, 27 March Avantika, sounds like your pal is having trouble swallowing her food. Matt, 27 March Kelli, I believe it's just stress as your new bird is getting use to its new home.

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